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Have you got a passion for coding or are you curious to give it a go? Do you have a creative yet logical mind and love to problem solve engaging, real-world problems? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are the student for this coding challenge!

There are two stages in this coding challenge. To participate in the Stage 2 Challenge, held in Melbourne at the end of the year, you need to have attempted the Stage 1 virtual coding challenge. If you’d like more information please read the blurbs below:

In stage 1 students will receive a virtual kit with a series of fun and engaging coding tasks. Students will participate in these tasks via a user-friendly online platform – accessible from school or home. The challenges will require that students apply coding and algorithmic thinking in order to solve interesting problems. These tasks can be conducted either at school or during school holidays, at the student’s pace. Scaffolding and coding resources will be provided in case students need some support along the way.

Stage 2 allows student to compete with others in a state-wide coding competition which will be a face-to-face event. In this competition, students will be competing in groups of 2-4, in many different challenges and games. This promises to be a fun-filled day, with challenge, excitement, friendly competition and prizes for the winning teams. (Entry to stage 2 is not dependent upon completing stage 1, however students must have been registered for stage 1 before enrolling into stage 2.)

Contact Vicki Northey to register your interest: nov@wssc.vic.edu.au


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