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СƵ will be conducting mid-year exams between Friday May 24th and Friday May 31st 2024. Your child has received their personalised exam timetable through the School Portal.

Students should note that if they have applied for special consideration, the exam times will remain the same however the venues may vary. We encourage students to contact their teacher for a specific venue.

On Arrival

  • You should arrive 15min before your scheduled exam, ensure you know where you’re seated on seating plans. (these are outside the venue of your exam, posted on MS Teams and on the notice board near main stairs outside the library)
  • You should not bring bags, phones, earphones, electrical devises, smart watches (there are clocks within the venue) or any other personal items.

What to bring

  • All students may wear casual clothing- suggest you wear layers in case you find the venue hot/cold. Closed in shoes, no thongs.
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers etc in a clear plastic pencil case or plastic pocket without any labels or markings.
  • Water bottles are to be CLEAR only – no labels, no sports or Tupperware bottles.
  • Student IDs or drivers license with photo.

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Upcoming Events

Term 2 - Week 10 - Monday 17th June
Tuesday 18th June
Hume Region Cross Country
Friday 21st June Location: Benalla
Term 2 - Week 11 - Monday 24th June
General Event
Monday 24th June to Sunday 30th June
Unit 3 SAC/SAT
Tuesday 25th June Location: WSSC
Sport League Finals
Wednesday 26th June Location: sports stadium
Term 3 - Week 1 - Monday 15th July
SSV State Cross Country
Thursday 18th July Location: Yarra Glen
Term 3 - Week 2 - Monday 22nd July
SSV Upper Hume Boys Netball
Thursday 25th July Location: Wangaratta
SSV Upper Hume Year 10 Table Tennis
Thursday 25th July Location: Wangaratta
Term 3 - Week 3 - Monday 29th July
SSV Hume Region Table Tennis
Tuesday 30th July Location: Shepparton
SSV Upper Hume Hockey
Thursday 1st August Location: Albury
Federation of Schools Conference
Friday 2nd August Location: WSSC